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Yoga 4 Adults & Teens   is a Fresh & Modern  class. The energy is lighthearted & expressive. Breathwork & others  relaxation techniques are used to  control energy levels. Rainbow Yoga is an  empowering class that gentely strengthens the body & the person.    This class is designed  just for Teenagers  as Yoga is a perfect tool to aid them  during a time in their lives where they are under alot of stress from school, exams etc.  The focus is on becoming more flexible, more confident, more graceful  stronger & having a good time. 
RainbowYoga is Fun, non competitive, non religious & in ENGLISH & FRENCH. ;) &


 L'ambiance est detendu grace a  les postures  Expressive & Moderne.  Le Yoga  aide à developper le supplesse, le Confiance, le Grâce, le Respiration, le Liberté, le Concentration, la Puissance…....
On utilise des techniques de relaxation & on focus sur la force intérieure & extérieure.  Ces cours de Yoga est pour  les Adolesents de Tous Experience.  Rainbow Yoga est amusant, non competitive, laic & en Francais et Anglais. ;)

Melanie est un Professeur Certifié de Yoga, Fitness & Dance à Paris .
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