Personal Training in Paris

As your Personal Trainer you have the privilage of having a qualified health professional by your side for the days & the hours that better suits your schedule. The advantages of having a Private Coach & Individual Fitness program are many. You will have my expertise & motivation to obtain your objectifs whether your are an athelete training for a competiton, or a mother who wants to get back the body she had before her pregnancy. It's my role to be there for you so that you can get the most benefits from your time and effort.  I will help and encourage your progression for you to get successful results. We can meet at your Home,  in your Office, in the Garden or in a Private Dance Studio.
With over 2 decades of expertise ( I started young) I have the expertise to offer you a large selection of styles & techniques to adapte to your needs. I full heartedly believe that being in good shape should be pleasurable & that it should be varied and interesting. For these reasons I strive continuely to be at the forefront of all the innovations in the Fitness & Health Industry.
Here are some examples of the different services I have to offer ;
Yoga for Children
Step & Dance
Outdoor Yoga & Exercise 

Post Natal Fitness
Preparation for Winter Sports & other Sporting Activities

A  Session of an hour is from 50 - 80 euros.
For more than 1 person the cost is from 60 - 100 euros.
The price depends on how far I have to travel, the number of people in the group, the regularity of the sessions &  the eventual location of a private studio...

If you want to reduce the cost of the  coaching sessions you can also find a few friends or work colleagues and form a small group.

 If you are interested you are more than welcome to join in a  Group Class or  Contact me. You can also become my friend on  Facebook  & even join my  Page

For you expats or those of you who want to improve your foreign language skills the Coaching can be in English and in French.